Electronics Recycling Drive, August 2021

In August, Project Angel Heart’s Green Team hosted its biannual electronics-recycling event. Many volunteers plunged into their storage areas and rid themselves of old fax machines, rotary phones, analog TVs, and many outdated or broken items.

Our primary reason for hosting this drive is to provide volunteers and staff an opportunity to reduce clutter from their homes in the most environmentally friendly manner. Project Angel Heart worked with 3R Technology Solutions in Commerce City for this year’s event.

Green Team members Kyle Copp, Alex Reinhardt, and Matt Nigro recently took a tour of their operation and wanted to share their experience.

Kyle Copp and Matt Nigro stand in front of a a van that is filled with electronic materials to be recycled.
Three men stand in a large recycling warehouse

3R Technology Solutions is a veteran-owned and operated organization that opened in 2013. Since then, it has been working with individuals, organizations like Project Angel Heart, and very large corporations hoping to recycle large amounts of materials in the most ethically and environmentally friendly manner. 3RTS also works closely with ARC Thrift Stores and recycles any unused items that aren’t sold in Colorado stores.

When items are brought into 3R Technology Solutions, they are sorted into two areas: items of higher value that can be refurbished and resold, and items that are broken down. Common items like phones, TVs, stereos, etc., are stripped down to their raw materials, sorted, and often sold overseas to countries like Japan. The remaining plastics are broken down and recycled.

Two men stand next to a large bin filled with computer parts to be recycled.

3RTS also responsibly recycles computers and laptops, ensuring that all hard drives with data are wiped clean and destroyed.

We want to thank all volunteers that participated in this year’s event. Every item donated will thankfully be diverted from landfills, making our future a bit greener and hopeful. Remember that 3RTS is open to everyone, so please spread the word to your friend and family so more materials can be diverted!