Eye Troubles Led to MS Diagnosis for Meal Recipient


On her 35th birthday, Nancy* was given some bad news… she had multiple sclerosis (MS). She’d gone to the doctor because she was having trouble with her eyes. The issue, it turned out, was optic neuritis, an inflammatory eye condition associated with multiple sclerosis.

“The doctor told me, ‘You have MS,’ and I said, ‘I don’t even know what that it is!’” said Nancy.

Today, Nancy is 58 years old and lives alone. After many years of “paying the troops” in her payroll position at Lowry Air Force Base, she decided to retire due to health issues related to her diagnosis. She uses a walker to get around, and her hand tremors make it difficult to do simple, everyday tasks.

Her daughter and granddaughter live nearby and provide occasional assistance with shopping and meals, but Nancy realized she still needed help. After contacting other meal delivery services and learning she wasn’t eligible for their services, a deacon at church told her about Project Angel Heart.

Nancy appreciates the variety in the meals she now receives weekly from Project Angel Heart. “The meals are very nutritious,” she said. “They’re good portions, and they actually taste pretty good!”

Nancy spends most of her days watching television. Getting around is difficult and her deteriorating vision has made reading difficult, as well. But the meals have made a big difference.

“Project Angel Heart is a blessing for me,” said Nancy. “I don’t get to the store very often. The meals are very handy.”

*name changed to protect the privacy of our client