Stellar Pie Seller: Kristi Arellano

Kristi Arellano, Stellar Pie Seller
Kristi Arellano, stellar pie seller and captain of the Mile Pie Salute pie team

Selling pies is a way for Kristi Arellano, captain of the Mile Pie Salute pie team, to share her love for Project Angel Heart and its programs with her friends and family. “It allows me to tell people about the important work that Project Angel Heart is doing,” said Kristi.

Kristi has supported Project Angel Heart for several years, but decided to sign up as a Pie in the Sky pie seller in 2013. Last year, her team sold 54 pies, raising more than $1,300 to support Project Angel Heart’s home-delivered meal program.

Kristi built her team by reaching out to a core group of friends that she knew loved Project Angel Heart and pie as much as she does. “I’ve been fortunate that my small, but mighty, team has really stuck with it,” she said.

Kristi’s secret to success? “It’s a given that many of my friends and family are hosting big holiday events and will need to make or purchase pies anyway,” said Kristi. “I like to remind them that Pie in the Sky is a great way to cross an item off their to-do list in a way that is both delicious and impactful. I’m also huge fan of utilizing social media to share the message. Reporting my sales in terms of the number of Project Angel Heart clients helped really seems to resonate with people and encourage them to join in,” she said.

This year, Kristi decided to take her support of Project Angel Heart one step further by volunteering as a meal delivery driver. She finds that the experience of bringing food to clients really drives home the importance of what Project Angel Heart does for the community and motivates her to sell more pies!

Thanks for sharing your story, Kristi, and for being a “stellar pie seller” and team captain again this year. Click here to visit Kristi’s pie page.

During the month of November, we’ll recognize a Stellar Pie Seller each week. A Stellar Pie Seller is someone who has sold at least 8 pies, has a unique or creative method of selling pies, or simply has an inspiring story! If you or someone you know is a Stellar Pie Seller, let us know!