Greenhouse Helps Increase The Ability To Grow Herbs Year-Round

You may have noticed some exciting activity in the Project Angel Heart garden recently. In place of two decaying garden beds, we now have a greenhouse! Thanks to a grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation, Project Angel Heart is now the proud owner of a ThermaGro Greenhouse and 11 vertical plant towers from the Garden Tower Project.

The purpose of this gardening setup is to increase our ability to grow culinary herbs for use in the kitchen. The old horizontal garden beds were limited to summer gardening only. The new system will allow for year-round growing as well as increased capacity.

Each tower holds 50 plants so we have effectively added nine garden beds worth of growing space within the footprint of 1.5 beds. The Garden Towers are pretty neat as well. They spin and they are home to composting worms. The plants will benefit from the worms and we will be able to harvest easily and without having to battle the weeds!

The goal for the greenhouse is to continue to produce herbs for the kitchen in more consistent and increased quantities throughout the year. It will be a learning process as we learn how to balance the greenhouse environment with the crazy outdoor environment that is Colorado. Also, be on the look-out for a new use for the crushed ice that is usually jettisoned over the side of the back loading dock. To a gardener, that is wasted water! We have an idea that just needs to be more fully developed. Stay tuned.

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