Happy National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week (2)

National Volunteer Week is April 23-29. During this week- and quite frankly, every week of the year!- the staff at Project Angel Heart is humbled and thankful for our generous community of supporters. Volunteers that cook, chop, bake, and dish up meals in our kitchen; volunteers that work the front desk; volunteers that help with packing or sorting more than 1,500 meal bags weekly; volunteers that deliver meals, shuttle meals and coordinate drivers; volunteers that give presentations and work at special events; and so much more!

Volunteers are a special breed, taking on causes and injustices they see all over the world, and our volunteers are no exception. We do not take it lightly that volunteers give their heart and soul, their time, their energy, their wisdom, and their money, letting their passion for our mission drive them to help us achieve what sometimes seems impossible.

Volunteers, we salute you this week and every week!