Heather Nolte: Volunteer of the Month

July 2022 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Heather Nolte, meal delivery driver and satellite coordinator. Heather was nominated by Eddie Pinckney and Patty Polsky. Here’s what they had to say about Heather:

Heather Nolte is a dedicated volunteer who started volunteering with Project Angel Heart in May 2021. Heather first joined us as a Saturday meal delivery driver, offering her time every week at one of our busiest satellite locations. She is a very gracious individual, often helping shuttles and drivers at the site, and eventually taking on the satellite coordinator role.

Eddie Pinckney, shuttle driver, said, “She’s there every weekend and she does such a great job. When Heather arrives at the satellite, she is in action. She will be the first one to start unloading shuttles, double checking with volunteers, asking new drivers if they have questions. All with a kind smile and attitude. If you ask her for help, you won’t have to ask her twice. You may not even have to ask; she is that kind. Heather is truly amazing at her role.”

Patty Polsky, meal delivery driver, said, “I was really impressed with how she just jumped in! When handling driver check in, she is very organized and thorough. She will not hesitate to reach out to help drivers load up. Her friendly attitude is appreciated and something to look forward to!”

You are a great addition to the team, Heather, and we appreciate you! Congratulations!