John Crowe: Volunteer of the Month

September 2022 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Volunteer of the Month John Crowe, shuttle driver. John was nominated by Colorado Springs Volunteer & Distribution Coordinator Tiana Clark. Here’s what Tiana had to say about John:

John has been volunteering for nearly four years and is just as enthusiastic now as when I first met him. He has volunteered as part of a group and as an individual.

When John volunteers, he brings a hard-working attitude with a comedic touch. He volunteers in Saturday distribution and as a driver – often it’s both areas in one day. John moves so quickly in distribution, the joke is to find a partner who can keep up with him. He’s always flexible with his schedule and is willing to help where it’s needed most.

Even on the days where our scheduling is a little tighter, John can be counted on for a good laugh to keep the team moving. He has a very level-headed demeanor while also working efficiently. There’s been more than one occasion where I’ll go to start a task only to find that he’s already done it. John is not only always on top of his role, but also goes above and beyond.  

Thank you, John for being such a reliable and uplifting volunteer!