Kirkpatrick Bank “Pies it Forward” For People in Need

What are we thankful for this year? So many things! We’re thankful for our volunteers, the donors who provide financial support, and a giving community. We’re thankful that we have access to healthy food and a network of health care providers who recognize the value of nutrition for their patients. And we’re thankful for pie!

Yep, we’re thankful for pie. Why? Because pie brings people together, inspires happiness, and, at Project Angel Heart, pie also helps fund medically tailored meals for people who are critically ill.

We just wrapped up our 7th annual Pie in the Sky fundraiser. With lots of help from volunteer pie sellers and pie-selling teams, we sold more than 6,000 pies! (That’s a lot of pie…) In fact, we sold out, raising enough money to fund a month’s worth of meal deliveries for 630 Coloradans in need.

Even though Pie in the Sky was a sell-out, we know that some people will end up being unable pick up the pies that they ordered. And we do not want those delicious pies to go to waste!

That’s why we’re so excited about our Pie it Forward partnership with Kirkpatrick Bank, a local bank serving communities in Colorado Springs and Denver.

Thanks in part to Kirkpatrick Bank’s Pie in the Sky sponsorship, any purchased pies that are not claimed by our last-chance pickup time will get a second life. They’ll be delivered and served at this year’s Thanksgiving FEED, a dinner event for thousands of homeless and hungry individuals that is hosted by ACRES, Warren Tech’s organic farm and greenhouse.

“Kirkpatrick Bank has been a steadfast partner in helping us provide medically tailored meals for people living with cancer, AIDS, kidney disease, and other illnesses,” said Erin Pulling, Project Angel Heart president and CEO. “We love that our Pie it Forward partnership with Kirkpatrick ensures that no pie goes to waste. This is a win-win for us and for our community!”

About Kirkpatrick Bank
Kirkpatrick Bank is a business bank serving Oklahoma and Colorado with branches in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Colorado Springs, and Denver. The family-owned bank is known for philanthropic leadership supporting communities and the arts.