Meal Bag Art Inspires Dietitian To Volunteer

As a registered dietician in Colorado Springs, Helen Johnson knows the power of food as medicine. She regularly refers her patients to Project Angel Heart for meals and says she has personally seen the healing power of receiving meals.

“I am very impressed that meals can be designed for all stages of life and all diets,” says Helen. “It has been a service that has exceeded all of my expectations.”

But one patient in particular showed Helen that the healing power of Project Angel Heart meals isn’t just in the food. The hand-drawn, decorative meal bags also have a powerful effect for patients receiving meals.

Helen’s dialysis patient, Diane, began decorating meal bags while she sat through tedious dialysis treatments. Decorating bags was uplifting for Diane, and her enthusiasm encouraged Helen to inspire other patients to decorate their own bags during dialysis.

Diane and meal bags she decorated.

Now she is sharing that cheer by leading bag decorating parties, gathering dozens of people to decorate bags together. She even recently helped organize a bag decorating party at her church where more than 450 beautiful meal bags were decorated to uplift sick neighbors in Colorado Springs.

“I was so joyful watching everyone laughing and encouraging each other’s art work. It was a blessing to help Project Angel Heart with a simple project that could bless others with delicious, beautiful meals,” says Helen. “Many of my acquaintances have received beautifully decorated bags and commented on how someone took time to decorate their food bags.”

Check out photos from Helen’s bag decorating party and consider making some bags of your own.