New Mapping Software For Delivery Drivers

We will begin implementing the new routing software for all deliveries starting on 1/17 & 1/18. Our new mapping/routing software provides accurate maps and arranges clients in an efficient order! While these improvements do not change the normal delivery procedures, we have outlined anticipated adjustments to what you will see on the route sheets. We have also attached samples of the new route sheet and map.


All routes are set to start from your pickup location and begin with the client living closest to the pickup location. Each client is assigned a number on the map that corresponds with the number on the route sheet (see the attached samples). If your goal is to complete a route most efficiently, we encourage you to follow the order of the route sheet.

Route Sheet Overview

At the top of the route sheet, the total number of clients, stops and bags are listed. As  usual, anticipated client deliveries can change frequently before delivery day and after route sheets have printed, so these numbers may not always be 100% accurate. We will continue to cross off clients who have cancelled their delivery, but please continue to refer to the individual client information on the route sheet for the most accurate meal bag total and delivery instructions!

Bag Count

Each client’s bag count continues to be under the client’s delivery address, but is now automated by the new database. This will replace the red handwritten manual numbers.

Delivery Instructions

The delivery instructions remain crucial to the delivery process, and help ensure we respect our clients’ privacy and specific requests for successful deliveries. Please continue to read and follow all delivery instructions and special instructions provided, ring the bell or knock, and leave the meals with a missed delivery slip and alerting Project Angel Heart when a client is not home (unless the instructions say otherwise).

Reporting Undelivered Meals

When a meal delivery cannot be completed for any reason, continue to contact client services at 1.303.830.0202 and receive input on what to do with the meal bag(s). For example, client services may invite you to donate the meals. This is an important part of our program and we appreciate your help with this reporting!

Route Names and Numbers

Some route names and numbers may change, but we will continue to assign you a route in your preferred delivery area! Similar to now, you’ll continue to see both familiar clients and new clients, and we anticipate some clients changing routes more often to facilitate balancing the number of clients more evenly each week.

Delivery Length

We appreciate the time you dedicate to volunteering! The new software calculates drive time and how many deliveries can be completed in no more than a two-hour window. One benefit of the new software is that routes will be more balanced and consistent in length. We look forward to maximizing your time on the road while still allowing you time to interact with Project Angel Heart clients.


As always, your feedback is welcome and instrumental as we strive to provide the best possible volunteer experience, and we look forward to your help. We will collect feedback until February 17, 2020. Please email your feedback with “Feedback” in the subject line.

Saturday Denver Route Sheet Example

Deliver Route Sheet Example