More Meals In More Places

Three years after the launch of our Meals for Care Transitions (MCT) program, we are celebrating some big milestones in providing meals to Coloradans across the state. MCT was created to contract with health care organizations, like hospitals and insurance companies, which reimburse Project Angel Heart to provide medically tailored meals to their patients. The program continues to gain traction in Colorado as a key resource to improve the health of individuals, lower health care costs, and reduce hospital re-admissions

In October of 2019, we began a contract with Southeast Health Group, a community health organization offering a broad range of services in Southeast Colorado. This is our first time serving this part of our state. With this partnership, we have so far shipped meals to clients in 38 towns and 20 different counties, 32 percent of the counties in Colorado! Many people receiving meals through our MCT program also live in rural parts of the state, which often lack access to resources for complex nutritional needs.

Our partnership with Southeast Health Group is also our first partnership serving clients with behavioral health diagnoses. Project Angel Heart provides at least a week of medically tailored meals for individuals moving from transitional housing to independent living situations to help individuals meet their basic needs and ensure they are receiving nutritious food as they adjust to living independently.

We also began two new hospital contracts with Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton, Colorado and Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville. Under these partnerships, we will provide four weeks of medically tailored meals to patients with congestive heart failure who are being discharged from a hospital stay. We will track how well the meals help these patients avoid hospital re-admission and receive self-reported updates on their health.

Leslie Scotland-Stewart is the Director of Business Development for Project Angel Heart’s Meals for Care Transitions program. She worked in sales and marketing for a variety of Fortune 500 companies before deciding to focus her career on health and wellness. After helping build a startup company that helps executives become healthier leaders, she joined Project Angel Heart in a business development role. She has a passion for all things health, including nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. Leslie has her MBA from the University of Denver and teaches fitness classes on the side. She loves spending time with her family, going to the zoo, hiking, or doing anything that will keep the family active. She also loves to travel and is always in pursuit of the most delicious coffee and dark chocolate!