Project Angel Heart Receives Grant Award From Meals On Wheels

Project Angel Heart is the grateful recipient of a $7,500 grant award from the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund. We were invited to apply for this unique funding opportunity to support our organization’s needs related to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funds will support the preparation and home-delivery of medically tailored meals to food-insecure older adults living with life-threatening health conditions.

Research shows that proper nutrition improves mental acuteness and emotional stability for older adults. It also improves immune system function and accelerates recuperation time. By providing medically tailored meals, free of charge, to critically ill older adults, we help improve their physical, financial, and social health, allowing them to heal and lead full and independent lives.

As all of our clients are already facing life-threatening health conditions, they are at increased risk for severe illness from the coronavirus. For our older adult clients, the threat is even more acute. As such, the provision of meals for this client population during the COVID-19 pandemic is critical.

Thankfully, with support from funding partners such as Meals on Wheels, we have not faced a delay nor disruption to our meal delivery to over 1,400 Coloradans each week. As a result, we’re serving more meals to more people than ever before. One client shared, “The meals have really helped since we try not to go out much right now to avoid exposure. Without you, we would be in a bit of trouble between the cost of dialysis, doctor’s appointments, and our money shortage. The meals really help. Thank you so much.”