Symbolic Bag Art Shows Each Piece of the Project Angel Heart Whole

Thanks to thoughtful volunteers, each meal bag our clients receive is decorated with unique artwork. The bag art spans the gamut, from the adorable scribbles of preschoolers, to doodles and cartoons, to intricate line drawings and paintings.

One bag decorator decided to use his artwork to tell the story of what Project Angel Heart does each week. Bryan Aumiller, a dedicated community outreach volunteer and enthusiastic bag decorator in Colorado Springs, recently created this geometric pattern on a bag with a larger meaning in mind.

The grid on Bryan’s bag is made up of 256 squares. Each square represents a client who receives meals in Colorado Springs every week.

Inside each square are five tick marks- one for each meal delivered to the client.

Bryan’s design shows just how many meals and clients are served in Colorado Springs every Saturday. If we were to line five of these bags up side by side, we would see the total number of meals and clients served in Colorado Springs and Denver each week!

The sheer volume represented here is impressive. But we also love the intricate detail. Each and every client and each and every meal is represented- and putting them all together creates a beautiful whole.

When you volunteer to chop vegetables for one of those meals, or scoop food into one of those meal trays, or pack or deliver one of those meal bags… you are a part of this whole. Your contributions, in every way, make this entire picture possible. This bag represents how important your piece of the puzzle is to all of us!