Volunteer of the Month, April 2016


Congratulations to Mary Barrett, Distribution Assistant and Volunteer of the Month for April 2016! Mary was nominated by fellow volunteers Charlie Watts and Ruby Lynett.

“We are nominating Mary because of her willingness to help out in any aspect of the distribution shifts,” said Charlie and Ruby. “She always does it with a smile, kindness, compassion, and humor! She is a real joy to volunteer with. We are so thankful to have her!”

As Volunteer of the Month, Mary, along with other Volunteers of the Month and those who nominated them, will enjoy a dinner prepared by Project Angel Heart’s chefs.

Do you know a volunteer that you think should receive special recognition? Did you see someone go the extra mile? Take a few minutes and nominate them for Volunteer of the Month! You can nominate someone by filling out this form on our website, or fill out the paper nomination forms located in our staff and volunteer break room in our Denver office.