Survey Tells Us Volunteers Know They Make An Impact

Volunteers are at the center of Project Angel Heart. Each year, our more than 1,200 core volunteers prepare and package more than 360,000 meals and drive over 82,000 miles to deliver them to our clients facing life-threatening illnesses. 

In our 2019 volunteer engagement survey, we asked volunteers how well they think we are accomplishing our mission and why they choose to give their time, effort, and dedication to Project Angel Heart. 

We feel our mission brings our community together. We wanted to know whether our volunteers believe Project Angel Heart is accomplishing our mission. 

  • 96 percent of volunteers responded that they believe Project Angel Heart improves health and wellbeing for people with life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering medically tailored meals. 
  • 83 percent responded that they believe Project Angel Heart promotes the power of food as medicine

Project Angel Heart prides itself on making volunteers an integral part of the organization and our mission. In this year’s survey, we asked how vital volunteers think they are to Project Angel Heart and clients. 

  • 92 percent responded that they felt their volunteer assignment makes a difference in the lives of Project Angel Heart’s clients
  • 77 percent responded that they feel they are an important part of Project Angel Heart

Our volunteers are a vital part of Project Angel Heart. We are honored the more than 9,100 people who volunteer with us each year choose our organization to make a difference for Coloradans in need.