Meet Jennifer: Dedicated Volunteer and (Now) Monthly Donor!


Working in the medical community, Bread & Butter Club member Jennifer Hill understands the important role of food as medicine. As a speech-language pathologist, she regularly works with clients who have difficulty swallowing and require altered food textures to eat safely. Many of them struggle to prepare safe and healthy meals at home.

This is what drew Jennifer to Project Angel Heart, where the medically tailored meals we make for people living with life-threatening illnesses include texture accommodations in meals for people who have challenges with swallowing.

“Every day at work I see the importance of food as medicine,” says Jennifer. “I have even run into a former client whom I had referred for meal services. I was thrilled to see him looking happy and healthy!”

Jennifer got her first exposure to Project Angel Heart nearly three years ago, when she rode along with a friend volunteering as a meal delivery driver.

“Looking at the meals as we loaded them into the car, I was surprised by the amount and variety of food which was included in the meal delivery bags,” says Jennifer. “These bags don’t just hold frozen meals, they are supplemented with milk, bread, and soups! It was also exciting to see the gratitude expressed by the clients.”

Inspired by her volunteer experience, Jennifer knew she had to get further involved. She began regularly volunteering as a meal delivery driver, sold pies for our annual Pie in the Sky event, and joined the Colorado Springs Regional Council, which supports Project Angel Heart’s mission in El Paso County. Jennifer now works to grow Project Angel Heart’s partnerships and outreach in Colorado Springs, where she is proud to say she has seen a lot of change since she started working with the Regional Council three years ago. 

“People may not realize how much the Colorado Springs program has grown in recent years,” she says. “The Regional Council has added five new members since I joined, and the Community Outreach Team was formed to assist in local outreach activities.”

But besides volunteerism, Jennifer knew she could have another direct impact for neighbors receiving Project Angel Heart’s meals. This year, she became a Bread & Butter Club member, setting up recurring monthly donations to our program that ensure sick neighbors continue to get the nourishing meals they need.

“I knew that I wanted to increase my giving to Project Angel Heart, and the Bread & Butter Club gave me the opportunity to be consistent and reliable,” says Jennifer.

The timing was right, too.

“The Lu Foundation’s matching grant gave me the motivation to go ahead and become a member,” says Jennifer, referring to a matching gift pledge by the Lu Foundation that will match every new Bread & Butter Club member’s monthly gifts for one full year. “Anyone considering becoming a Bread & Butter Club member should consider the benefits and ease of consistent, dependable giving on a monthly basis.”

Jennifer says she is hopeful she will see others grow in their support and involvement with Project Angel Heart as she has over the years. In addition to the satisfaction of giving back to her community, Jennifer says her involvement has allowed her to share some important lessons with her son.

 “He usually joins me when I deliver meals, where he learns first-hand about helping others in need,” says Jen. “I feel that I am teaching my son how to be a better citizen.”

You can be part of the Bread & Butter Club, too!
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