Why We’re Here: Part One

“Why do you work here?”

It’s a question we, the Project Angel Heart staff, get asked time and time again. The answer is different for each of us- and it’s what keeps us coming back to work each day. We’ll be sharing our answers in a series of posts, called “Why We’re Here.”

Meghan Perkins, registered dietitian

“Before I started working at Project Angel Heart, I counseled clients with chronic illnesses on how to change their diets to improve their health. One of the biggest barriers they faced was mustering the time, energy, and/or money to shop and cook the right food for themselves. Working at Project Angel Heart has allowed me to be a part of a significant solution to this overwhelming obstacle for our clients by providing them with nutritious, medically modified meals. Our staff and volunteers’ commitment to improving the lives and health of our clients inspires me every day.”

Rachael Raab, director of strategic partnerships

“I volunteered for Project Angel Heart’s sister organization, Food & Friends, in Washington, DC years before moving to Denver. Humbled by the experience, and in awe of the mission, I jumped at the opportunity to apply to Project Angel Heart. Five years later I’m still here because I see the tangible difference we make in the lives of those we serve, and truly believe that food acts as medicine.”

Sarah Mirick, events organizer

“I come to work every day because I believe that supporting your neighbors and community is critical to improving all of our lives. I grew up believing that when friends and neighbors need support we all pitch in to get them back on their feet– whether that includes a casserole and a chat over coffee or shoveling their driveway because they are too ill to manage themselves. Project Angel Heart fulfills this need for those in our area without that safety net or community. A warm meal, smile from a volunteer, or cookie might just make that person’s day better and the ripple effect is endless.”

Chef Brandon FosterBrandon Foster, executive chef

“I applied to Project Angel Heart because I was looking for a way to use my culinary skills and knowledge to help provide for people who otherwise do not have reasonable access to healthy food. That mission and purpose, along with the awesome team of people I get to work with every day, is what keeps me coming back. I also love that my schedule here- as opposed to a restaurant- allows me to eat dinner with my family every night. It is inspiring to work with so many people who believe so strongly in what we do. I was struck by this within the first week or two of being on the job- it’s hard to not be inspired by the support that is shown by our staff, our volunteers, and our community. There are so many that are counting on us and what we do, and I am very happy that I am in a position to have such a positive effect on peoples’ lives.”

Nancy Blevins, volunteer resources coordinator

“Project Angel Heart provides an essential service to my neighbors who need help as they deal with life-threatening illness. Not only are the staff dedicated and hardworking, the volunteers inspire me by their selfless dedication to serve our community.”