Help Project Angel Heart Fund a New Tilt Skillet


At Project Angel Heart, good things start in a skillet. ? 

Hearty stews. Veggie-infused macaroni and cheese. Chicken curry and garden vegetable scrambles. Food that helps nourish and strengthen people living with life-threatening illnesses like cancer and kidney disease.

All of these delicious meals start in our 40-gallon tilt skillets. But as we’ve grown, we’ve started hitting the limit of what we can do with our five trusty tilt skillets. We need to add one more skillet to the team… and we need your help to do it!

When you donate to our Good Things Start in a Skillet Campaign, you’ll help us fund this much-needed piece of equipment and, in turn, help us prepare more meals for people who are too sick to cook and shop on their own.




So… what’s a tilt skillet?

Check out this video to see our tilt skillets in action: