Organizational Strategy 2021-2025

We’ve Got Big Plans! (Come read our new strategy)

We’re excited to share our new 2021-2025 organizational strategy which sets a big, ambitious goal for our work: by 2025, we aim to provide at least 800,000 medically tailored meals a year to people living with severe illness between Fort Collins and Pueblo. That is an additional 1,600 square miles of delivery area and almost 60 percent more meals!

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We’ve already taken big steps this year by expanding our home delivered-meal service to 14 towns in Boulder, Weld and Douglas counties. More than 100 families in this expanded delivery zone are now receiving Project Angel Heart meals thanks to our community’s generosity and support.

We are also pushing ourselves to make sure that meals are only the first way we support our clients. By 2025, our nutrition services team is committed to delivering education, counseling, and peer-based support to every client who needs it, while our client services team connects them to other social support services, including rental and utilities assistance, child care support, and other food benefits.  

In addition to talking about our new goals, the strategy also firmly asserts what’s not changing: our commitment to our volunteers who embody the spirit of “neighbors helping neighbors”; improving the reach of our program to serve rural counties; and advocating for the needs and rights of people living with severe illness in Colorado to access health care and nutritious food.

Our job is clear: we are here to provide a path to health and well-being for those in need and comfort to those near the end of life.

This strategy brings us closer to our ultimate goal: ensuring medically tailored meals are available to all who need them in the state of Colorado.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read the new strategy and share your thoughts with us.