Stellar Pie Seller: Ankit Shah


Ankit Shah’s Pie in the Sky sales formula is simple: social media + word of mouth + passion for the cause = success!

Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah, stellar pie seller and Project Angel Heart kitchen volunteer

Ankit, a regular volunteer in Project Angel Heart’s kitchen, sells pies because of his strong commitment to Project Angel Heart’s mission and because he gets to see, firsthand, how efficiently the dollars raised are used.

“Project Angel Heart is an organization of wonderful people, both employees and volunteers, whose goal is very admirable,” said Ankit. “And it’s great seeing a non-profit that really doesn’t waste a penny they raise!”

Ankit uses a variety of social media platforms–including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram–to share his pie page link with people in his network. “But nothing is better than word of mouth,” he said. “When people understand what Project Angel Heart does, and how passionate you are about it, it’s hard for them not to donate money to such a great organization and a great cause!”

So far, Ankit has sold more than 25 pies to support Project Angel Heart’s home-delivered meal program. Thanks for sharing your story, Ankit, and for being a “stellar pie seller” again this year. Click here to visit his pie page.

During the month of November, we’ll recognize a Stellar Pie Seller each week. A Stellar Pie Seller is someone who has sold at least 8 pies, has a unique or creative method of selling pies, or simply has an inspiring story! If you or someone you know is a Stellar Pie Seller, let us know!