Study Shows Importance of Food Assistance

A recent study shows that home-delivered meals, like those delivered by Project Angel Heart, provide much-needed support for people who are frequently hospitalized.

The study looked at patients who had been hospitalized more than three times in a year, most of whom were living with long term critical illnesses. Researchers found that 75% were unable to shop for food without assistance, and 57% were unable to prepare meals on their own.

Many of the study’s participants were physically unable to go out to shop for groceries, and had to rely on friends, family, neighbors, or community programs to bring them food. Even for those who were able to visit the grocery store, challenges like mobility issues within the store, fatigue, and the inability to physically carry enough groceries home on public transportation presented challenges.

But just having groceries wasn’t always enough to ensure that participants ate a healthy meal. The majority also needed help preparing their food. Some of the study’s participants also reported a loss of control over what they ate. Because they were dependent on others to cook for them, they weren’t able to choose the foods they liked or that would be most appropriate given their medical conditions.

At Project Angel Heart, clients choose from a list of diets and modifications that accommodate their preferences, allergies, and medical needs to ensure that their meals are not only delicious, but also providing essential nutrition. To learn more about Project Angel Heart’s meals, click here.